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Life renovations

Mindfulness, awareness, mirroring, spirituality.

These words seem to be used so much today in the context of healing, but what does it all mean.

I believe it to be simply paying attention to our "self". Courageously allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and honestly pay attention to our desires, emotions, body, thoughts and beliefs.To take an interest in understanding how we see and participate in the world. To look at the story of our life, the experiences we've had and to discover new ways to understand ourselves, our relationships with others and the world we live in.

How do we do this?

Well......allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to be uncomfortable.

I like to think of it as doing house renovations. First we have the desire to make changes. Then we ask questions, learn what steps to take and the tools we need for the job. Then, decide how much effort we want to put into our home. With any renovation we can decide to throw a new coat of paint on the walls or put down some new carpet to make things look pretty on the outside or we can tear down walls and face the issues that truly need repair or replacing to create a safe, functional, happy home. It's our choice. Tearing down walls can be pretty scary as we never know what we may find. It takes time, commitment, and courage to repair and rebuild our home, but when we do we are left with a place to live that is full of life and can weather any storm.

The path to self discovery is filled with obstacles, tears, joy and magic. When we are courageous enough to experience this path it is possible to discover a world that is beyond our imagination. It is up to us to decide what our house, our life, our self is going to be. Do we renovate, repair, maintain or let it fall into disrepair. It is our choice to find courage and be honest as we pay attention to who we are and what we are creating.

" We may not choose our situations, but we have the freedom to choose how we respond to them"

With Love


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