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I have never come away from the "gentle herd" without a smile on my face and a sense of freedom from stress. Being with the horses helps me see the things that seemed so heavy and difficult to carry as they truly are, manageable; and I am so grateful to have them (the horses) in my life.                                                            Sharon Doey                                                  

I am not even sure where to start. Linda you are a beautiful spirit. Phoenix stuns me with his ability to bring out the real me. In two sessions I discovered so much already. I can't wait to go back.  

                                                                     Bobbi Leppington 

Linda and Phoenix gave me one of the most incredibly powerful and revealing sessions I've ever had!                                                                        Katy Howard

     There is truly no way to describe the incredible healing Linda and her herd offer. Linda is a remarkable guide and healer to those to those suffering from past traumas and pain.

     I have had the great pleasure of working with Linda and the herd for almost a year. Absolutely something you have to experience in order to fully understand the depth of healing taking place at Kindred Horse Spirits.

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