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Why Horses

They know us well


     Throughout history horses have been connected to humans. As far back as the early cave drawings man has documented how the horse has influenced us and our culture. They have fought wars with us, worked for us, helped us travel and explore and entertained us.

      Since the horse has come to know us so well they are able to read our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and even the slightest change in our breathing or muscle tension. They now have an innate undrestanding of what we are experiencing and how to connect with us.  Lucky for us they are willing to continue working with us as teachers and healers.


Aware and relaxed


     As herd animals horses rely on their instincts and natural ability to read subtle non-verbal cues from their herd and approaching predators to survive. Being prey, horses must be constantly aware of their surroundings. These wonderful creatures have mastered the ability of being mindful of their world while staying relaxed and confident. When we intentionally spend time with horses we too can learn to use our instincts, read non-verbal cues and be aware of our world. We will learn to respond to whatever comes into our life while staying relaxed and confident, then go back to that peaceful place we call grazing.


EGO? What ego?


     Horses have no ego. This makes them open, honest and non-judgemental. It doesn't matter what your story is, where you come from, what you own or what you do, horses accept us for who we are in each moment. They respond instantly and instictively to whom ever they are with, allowing us to benefit from their honesty.


The nature connection


     Very few horses run free anymore, but they do live in wide open spaces. Being with horse brings us out of he chaos of traffic, electronics, people and pollution.  When we spend time with horses we also connect with the sights, sound and smells of nature. There is no place better to reconnect with ourself than in the arms our mother, "nature".


Horses are a mirror


     A horse reflects back to us who we are, just like a mirror. The difference is, the horse reflects back that which we cannot see. Horses naturally reflect the energy and emotions around them allowing us to feel what is happening inside ourself. Their kindness and honesty allows us a safe space to reconnect with who we are.







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